Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo Compositions from a Day Trip

In my photography, I enjoy exploring light and shadow and a range of compositions, particularly cropping, altering the photo plane and angle, and capturing compositions in unexpected places.

Zooming in to capture details is like painting a small object in a large, abstract way.

In portraiture, I experiment with backgrounds and how to make the person blend in or stand out from his surroundings.

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Beth said...

Neat! I particularly like the convergence of all the different types of rock/stones/concrete in the second photo.

nina kuriloff said...

These are lovely photographs!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.

Beth, that photo is actually the inside of an old grave. I was just wondering at the time: "Where is the body?"

However, the graveyard was very old. Graves were from 1800s, but there were a couple as recent as the 1950s... However, the graveyard appeared to be mostly abandoned.