Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fair Art

The Annual Dixie Classic Fair is underway. I always hang an exhibit of student work and have been entering a few of my own pieces for the last couple years. The following are the entries that placed in the professional fine arts competitions:

1st Place: Graphic Design

1st Place: Pen & Ink Drawing

1st Place: Handmade Book

2nd Place: Weaving

4th Place: Black & White Photo


An overall view of my student exhibit...
Ribbons include 1-1st place, 2-2nd place, 1-3rd place, 2-Honorable Mention!


lilstaceysmom said...

I really like the art work and the photos of Wayne. I like the contemperary styles and the colors used in each photo. THe art for the day window also reflects a wonderful idea to keep others informed about art and art apprecitaion. This blog is full of beautful works of art and lots of information. I really like your blog and your work.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...


Natalie said...

Good job on your fair stuff! Wow, yeah, I didn't see most of that stuff there, although I remember now that I did see your book.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

It was hard to find everyone's stuff, especially since it was hard to see the names and everyone had so much...

My book was also not displayed in a way to show the inside, which is better than the outside.