Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mail Art

Mail art is an artistic movement that began in the 1950s and uses the postal service as a means of transportation and exchange. Mail art ranges from rubber stamps and decorative postcards to envelope designs and trading cards. To read more on mail art, click here, for wikipedia's explanation.

During summer break, from being an art teacher, my art lead teacher gave each of us a pack of blank postcards, drawing pens, and the orders to have fun and create. Each art teacher will have one postcard exhibited at our opening meeting at the beginning of the school year.

My Postcard for the Teacher Exhibit:

Title: "Considering the Details of the Matter"
Media: Pen & Ink
Date: June 2009

This mail art project inspired a variety of ideas, and in order to continue my postcard designs, as well as to have an outlet for exchanging and receiving postcards, I formed a mail art group of my own, presently consisting of 11 other artists/craftspersons/explorers, some from the neighborhood and most from my church. Every artist designs a postcard to be mailed to a different person each month. At the end of a year, we all will have a postcard from each person as well as one of our own design and plan to exhibit our creations in some manner, whether publicly, privately, or over lunch or coffee.

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