Thursday, April 9, 2009


Check out my travel blog, Trips and Treks, here and view a few photographs taken at a coffee shop, reflective of the details in the building as well as the surrounding downtown area.


Lauren said...

Hey Amanda! Yes I wasn't sure yum yums was 100 years old but thats really cool. My mom went to UNCG also and she said it hadn't changed a bit. Good hot dogs and Ice cream! Whats your favorite kind? Its a beautiful campus and it was alot of fuN!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Hi Lauren! UNCG as a college has changed some. College Avenue was once a driving street, but they closed it to create a walking area. The music building is new, they moved the Chancellor's house, and they have done a few other renovations. I had a great time there and made a few great friends, including finding ministries and Bible studies to attend but close enough to come home for church, work, or other things. Plus UNCG has a great reputation for its art department.

My favorite hotdog is all-the-way plus relish, since most places do not add relish. Yum-Yums does not have relish. (I don't always get onions for obvious reasons.) I like many flavors of ice cream, but I am thinking of peach and mint chocolate chip right now.